site plans

Site plans

The site plans above is an overview of the whole college campus. It clearly shows the building which we shall be using, in order for filming, we will distribute this to the actors to inform them where the location of filming, thus where they are required to join us when we give them their timetables, assisting with organisation aspect of the project so the focus isn’t wasted on minor elements such as waiting around for someone to find their way. The integral advantage is to ensure that due to more validated time, we are able to have many bloopers, and spontaneous shots, which proved to be extremely useful when it came to constructing the final piece as it provided us with a variety of different shot angles. There are 2 pdf’s within this link which are the documented site plans of the actual buildings themselves, which will help us know where everything is and how to get where when it comes to the filming process. It gives us the power to make any changes to gain a better perspective according to the stroyboard as well mandatory changes due to building constraints. The rooms we wish to use are DG23( library), LG02 ( corridor), LG07 ( classroom) and LG01 ( refectory). Some of the building we used a site plan was not necessary due to filming of the exterior of the building B. Similarly, building C didn’t require a site plan either because we were in actuality filming the exterior of the main campus from inside it taking advantage of its glassed walls to produce the establishing shot for our trailer.


site plans b


site plans a


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