Magazine front cover “iWatch” movie Cluckin’Hell



We were impressed with how we were able to construct our poster so easily due to the research and planning we conducted during the period of primary and secondary research, thus thought to use a similar method of development for our magazine. The layout above is a mere template of what we intend to create, the positions of all the features are appropriately placed however the colour scheme is purely to identify the different attributes of the magazine. Our original plan was to call our magazine ‘iWatch’, we chose this name due to the dominance of the ‘Mac’ products in the media industry, varying from iPhones, iPods and iPads,. Due to its notoriety of being the symbol of new age media technologies, many non-Mac products have adopted the ‘I’ which places itself before the product. Unfortunatly we discovered it is not possible to use this name because it is an upcoming product, soon to be released by Apple Mac Inc called the “iWatch” which is a a future product, this coicidently meant that we would have copyright issues to deal with if we had pursued our ‘iWatch’ idea. Thus we searched to find a name that interpreteated into the same meaning, we intended to keep the ‘I’ because of the modern reflection and the well  known status it has amongst the youths of this generation and contemporary society. The name we will be altering it into is ‘iView’ which has virtually the same meaning. The name sounds very modern and catchy, which Is compulsory in the media industry because the media is in constant development and always improving, so a name such as ‘iWatch’ would certainly be attention grabbing within the younger generation.


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