Movie Poster – “Cluckin’ Hell” outline/plan


During the primary research, we explored the posters made by big blockbuster hits, we knew what type of layout we desired thus looked at particular posters that were constructed in the way we were planning on ours, to make a justified comparison. Having examined the micro elements previously; including tagline, layout, denotation, connotation, we then took the next step in producing a hand drawn layout of what we intended to create. Which is shown above. The image clearly shows where the images in our poster will be placed and what the images will be of ( each individual character). However similar to the magazine front cover, the colour scheme is merely to show the contrast of where each attribution/feature of the poster will be places to avoid confusion for the viewer. The poster is conventional as we decided to place the main character which the story is based around in the middle and in a larger size, and the minor characters, on each size in a smaller scale, this structure can be found in many posters for many films such as ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘She’s the man’ , these films are for the generation our film is based for, thus we thought it be best to use the structure. It can be argued this structure is used to appeal to the audience, when portraying a well known actor within a poster, its more likely the audience will be curious, as they may be a fan of that actor. Furthermore, another convention which conforms to the typical poster layout is alignment, angle & justification of the text, which is aligned left in the upper left segment of the poster, central within the middle & lower central areas, and finally aligned right in the upper right, this is easier for the audience to read, and the colour scheme black font on a light background, helps the text to stand out. The tagline ‘Get birdseed or die cluckin’” is also used as a catalyst to entice the viewer as its a pun on a rather modern rap artists album, and using photoshop to place special effects on the tagline increases the chance of it being read.


Shown above is a mock up of our intended layout for our poster, we created this template on Adobe Photoshop, reason behind using this software is because we intend to use it to produce our final poster and magazine front cover thus we thought it be good practice for our Photoshop skills to be developed.

In reference to the relation of the template with the final poster, it is an accurate representation as it mimics the final piece. The background was specifically chosen that colour as we thought it personified a rather professional look. We created it by using the vertical gradient tool, dragging it downwards from white to medium grey. The change is very discreet but visible, and the gradual alteration happens half way down the page in the centre, which is where audience eyes are drawn to upon the first glance (according to the rule of thirds). The white space (negative space ) actually works rather well as it provokes the title and the main images to stand out due to the colour contrast. This mock up aided us immensely, as we followed it step by step, and didn’t alter anything, because of its conformity to the typical conventions of a Movie poster.


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