Working Title: Cluckin’ Hell

Proposed Duration: 1:00 – 1:30

Completion Deadline: 1st April 2011

Target Audience: This title will be aimed towards teenagers, more specifically, students. The age range will be 16-21, and targeting both genders. This is because the content within the film will appeal to those with a rather contemporary sense of humor, and those who are familiar with the topics raised within our trailer.

Background: We wish to create this trailer for our film in order to not only raise awareness of the film itself through promotion, but also to expose a current niche in the market. Because of the themes & issues raised within this film, and the plurality of genres, we believe that it will most definitely be a success as well as a unique take on the genre.

Research: Having conducted extensive research, we have established the the location in which all filming will occur is in a college which emphasises upon relativity to the target audience. We have also decided to use simple props, in order to establish a sense of verisimilitude.

Synopsis: The trailer opens with an establishing shot of the college, on a dark, gloomy day. Eerie music is playing subtly in the background, and the narrator is heard in a deep voice. The first main scene is filmed through an ‘amateur’ camera perspective, of general gossip in the college canteen among the main characters, specifically focusing on the demon girl – Shaomein, when the iconic line is uttered by the narrator – “Be careful who you victimize”. The following scene is a typical lesson in the library, still filmed through the ‘amateur’ camera perspective, and still focusing on gossip within the lesson. Within the same scene, there is a powercut, which causes the screen to turn almost pitch black. Following this comes the shock of the ironically comedic moment – where the film completes the transition from horror to comedy, by displaying Shaomein laying an egg. The remainder of the trailer consists of parody themed comical moments, and general previews of the film itself.

Style: Our film consists of a plurality of genres – horror, and comedy. The film begins in an obvious horror style, however suddenly ‘switches’ at a certain point in the film to parody based comedy. The film consists of many comedic moments, and the theme is constantly re-introduced by various parodies, of blockbuster films including The Dark Night & Harry Potter.

Approximate budget requirements: The approximate budget allocation for the production of our piece is £91,000. This will be used to fund the wages of the actors & crew, the hire of equipment, copyright, transportation, and props.

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