Comedy Horror Film Questionnaire.

Comedy Horror film Questionnaire.

Today I finished off the design of the surveys/questionnaire, then printed out 20 copies. After refining the design, I distributed 20 questionnaires out around the college area. 10 were given to males, and 10 to females, because our target audience is aimed at both sexes. 75% of the participants were of our target age group, 16-20. This is advantageous to us because we can analyse whether our target audience is suitable for this genre and products, and also gain the perspective of others outside the targeted population. We plan now to reach a conclusion of the findings, and we will use the conclusion to base our secondary research upon, in order to make the secondary research more relevant to the products we plan to make.

Primary Research consists of data [quantitative or quantitative] collection by the researchers themselves. For this, we wanted to find out if our target audience was appropriate for the genre we chose, and to see the levels of interest in various aspects of this genre. By creating a survey/questionnaire, we have been able to collect both statistical [quantitative] and written, rich [qualitative] data which we have analysed. We chose this method of research because it is easy to design and distribute to a relatively relevant sample of participants. The questions are listed below;

1. What is your age group?

Under 16,  16-20,  21-30,  31-40,  41-50,  50+

2. Are you male or female?

Male,  Female

3. How much on average do you spend on cinema, DVD’s and films per month?

£0-£9.99,  £10-£19.99,  £20-£29.99,  £30-£39.99,

£40-£49.99,  £50+

4. Are you interested in the horror comedy film genre?

Yes,  No

5. If yes, what examples of these have you previously seen or want to see?

Ghostbusters,  Shaun of the Dead,  Scary Movie (1, 2, 3 or 4),

Teeth,    Zombieland,   Piranha 3-D,


6. Would you be interested in a new horror comedy film, set within a college?

Yes,  No

7. If yes, why? And if no, why not?

8. If this film was produced, how would you prefer to watch it?

Cinema,  DVD/Blu-Ray,  Online

9. Do you use online media websites, for example YouTube, or social networking sites such as Facebook?

Yes,  No

10. Would you view a trailer of the film on one of these sites?

Yes,  No

11. If yes, would you become a fan etc. on Facebook, or subscribe on YouTube? If no, why not?

12. Do you buy/read film magazines?

Yes,  No

13. If yes, which magazine(s) do you buy or read?

However, this was not the only primary research which we had conducted. We asked each participant more questions focusing on the film magazine aspect of our package, because we decided that there was a lack of depth of these in our actual questionnaire. The questions focused on how much per month was spent on film magazines, if any subscriptions were made, and if magazines were followed via a converged source, e.g. Facebook or Twitter using internet or mobile internet devices.

A report is enclosed as a Word Document, which investigates the findings which we collected, along with the raw data and charts which we created as an Excel document.

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