Movie Poster – “Cluckin’ Hell” outline/plan


During the primary research, we explored the posters made by big blockbuster hits, we knew what type of layout we desired thus looked at particular posters that were constructed in the way we were planning on ours, to make a justified comparison. Having examined the micro elements previously; including tagline, layout, denotation, connotation, we then took the next step in producing a hand drawn layout of what we intended to create. Which is shown above. The image clearly shows where the images in our poster will be placed and what the images will be of ( each individual character). However similar to the magazine front cover, the colour scheme is merely to show the contrast of where each attribution/feature of the poster will be places to avoid confusion for the viewer. The poster is conventional as we decided to place the main character which the story is based around in the middle and in a larger size, and the minor characters, on each size in a smaller scale, this structure can be found in many posters for many films such as ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘She’s the man’ , these films are for the generation our film is based for, thus we thought it be best to use the structure. It can be argued this structure is used to appeal to the audience, when portraying a well known actor within a poster, its more likely the audience will be curious, as they may be a fan of that actor. Furthermore, another convention which conforms to the typical poster layout is alignment, angle & justification of the text, which is aligned left in the upper left segment of the poster, central within the middle & lower central areas, and finally aligned right in the upper right, this is easier for the audience to read, and the colour scheme black font on a light background, helps the text to stand out. The tagline ‘Get birdseed or die cluckin’” is also used as a catalyst to entice the viewer as its a pun on a rather modern rap artists album, and using photoshop to place special effects on the tagline increases the chance of it being read.


Shown above is a mock up of our intended layout for our poster, we created this template on Adobe Photoshop, reason behind using this software is because we intend to use it to produce our final poster and magazine front cover thus we thought it be good practice for our Photoshop skills to be developed.

In reference to the relation of the template with the final poster, it is an accurate representation as it mimics the final piece. The background was specifically chosen that colour as we thought it personified a rather professional look. We created it by using the vertical gradient tool, dragging it downwards from white to medium grey. The change is very discreet but visible, and the gradual alteration happens half way down the page in the centre, which is where audience eyes are drawn to upon the first glance (according to the rule of thirds). The white space (negative space ) actually works rather well as it provokes the title and the main images to stand out due to the colour contrast. This mock up aided us immensely, as we followed it step by step, and didn’t alter anything, because of its conformity to the typical conventions of a Movie poster.


Influential film trailers

Here is a mindmap of some of the film trailers we are considering focusing on for our primary research.


Production schedule

Production Schedule


Below is a link to the script we wrote. After using a template to assist us, the script fits into the typical conventions of a normal script.



Down below is a link to our budget, and the financial needs we would have to considering.





Working Title: Cluckin’ Hell

Proposed Duration: 1:00 – 1:30

Completion Deadline: 1st April 2011

Target Audience: This title will be aimed towards teenagers, more specifically, students. The age range will be 16-21, and targeting both genders. This is because the content within the film will appeal to those with a rather contemporary sense of humor, and those who are familiar with the topics raised within our trailer.

Background: We wish to create this trailer for our film in order to not only raise awareness of the film itself through promotion, but also to expose a current niche in the market. Because of the themes & issues raised within this film, and the plurality of genres, we believe that it will most definitely be a success as well as a unique take on the genre.

Research: Having conducted extensive research, we have established the the location in which all filming will occur is in a college which emphasises upon relativity to the target audience. We have also decided to use simple props, in order to establish a sense of verisimilitude.

Synopsis: The trailer opens with an establishing shot of the college, on a dark, gloomy day. Eerie music is playing subtly in the background, and the narrator is heard in a deep voice. The first main scene is filmed through an ‘amateur’ camera perspective, of general gossip in the college canteen among the main characters, specifically focusing on the demon girl – Shaomein, when the iconic line is uttered by the narrator – “Be careful who you victimize”. The following scene is a typical lesson in the library, still filmed through the ‘amateur’ camera perspective, and still focusing on gossip within the lesson. Within the same scene, there is a powercut, which causes the screen to turn almost pitch black. Following this comes the shock of the ironically comedic moment – where the film completes the transition from horror to comedy, by displaying Shaomein laying an egg. The remainder of the trailer consists of parody themed comical moments, and general previews of the film itself.

Style: Our film consists of a plurality of genres – horror, and comedy. The film begins in an obvious horror style, however suddenly ‘switches’ at a certain point in the film to parody based comedy. The film consists of many comedic moments, and the theme is constantly re-introduced by various parodies, of blockbuster films including The Dark Night & Harry Potter.

Approximate budget requirements: The approximate budget allocation for the production of our piece is £91,000. This will be used to fund the wages of the actors & crew, the hire of equipment, copyright, transportation, and props.

Conclusion/evaluation of horror comedy questionnaire


In conclusion of our primary research, we have  conducted that a greater percentage of out target audience would be profoundly interested in the product we are attempting to promote and sell, in particular the trailer, which gave us that positive indication via the wide variety of qualitative questions which we asked. These questions inluded reasons to why people liked, or did not like, our genre, whether they would ‘become a fan’ on Facebook or subscribe on YouTube, and finally examples of film magazines which people read. We discovered that people were drawn to our genre because of its reflection of what film genres have developed into in the contemporary society and can be compared to other films similar to it such as ‘Scary Movie or ‘Shaun of the Dead’, in particular the setting of our story would be an appealing structure as most of target audience would themselves be either in college, school, 6th form or University, making it easy to relate to and creates a sense of verisimilitude . The second qualitative question mirrored the popularity of our product/genre within the modern audience/viewers, as our results illustrated around half of those who use online media or social networking sites such as facebook for example would suscribe or become a fan, which highlights there is a powerful demand and need for this genre we have chosen as the modern day, younger viewer seems to be deprived of it, due to scarcity in the contemporary film industry. The aim of the final question asked was to indicate to us which magazines would be the best to analyze so we would know which magazines we would have to base our secondary research on, we discovered the two most popular magazines were Empire and Film.

A huge advantage,of our primary research would be that it allows us to provide evidence of why and how we picked our target audience as well as being able to investigate how our target audience perspective is different from other attributes of our media project. This could be argued for why we alter these products from the usual conventions in order to appeal to our target audience, and even to more diverse demographics. By researching the different magazines which our target audience already consume we wish to be able to construct a a product similiar to well known products in the market. This research is to our advantage as it confirms the idea of validity which will accompany our secondary research. The design of our questionnaire was another advantage as it was very simply structured to avoid mass discombobulation for the audience, and to make sure they understood it well which then meant it would be very easy for us to analyse, and we were able to conjure both quantitative data and qualitative data which portrayed a more in depth examination of our audience feedback. .

However,  our primary research had some negative aspects. The biggest disadvantage to our research was that we possibly may have places to much focus on the actual trailer itself, and less on the other 2 platforms in our assignment brief the poster and the magazine front cover.  This may become unbeneficial to us and create obstacles when we are researching the poster ,because it provoked us to only focus on examples of films illustrated in the questionnaire, and this dis-cludes specific posters of other films. This then might lead to a different set of audience demographics, and if our target audience changes for the poster because we will have to look at those examples of films highlighted in the questionnaire, which will be difficult due to our lack of data available It can be argued however that due to the lack of elements which are perhaps universal, that attract all ages, and all genders and class it will be difficult to reach a very high selling point, Thus we decided to dominate and include younger and more contemporary elements, so despite not appealing to all, the audience which are attracted, pursue our trailer, this evidently puts more pressure on us as producers as we now had to manipulate all attributes of conventions to specifically aimed at the younger generation.

In conclusion our primary research has given us a broad and useful perspective of our future consumers mind and what they fond appealing, and what they look for. However, it can be argued that it does fail to provide us with perspective for the poster section of our media brief.

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