Magazine front cover layout Evaluations – Total Film

Total film

This edition of total film we decided to analyze due to the recent release of the new Harry Potter movie in the industry. and also because ‘Total Film’ is a very influential movie magazine in the UK. This edition shows the modernness of the issue, with the special lightening effects used in the background. Also, of all the magazines that i have evaluated   this is possibly the most conformed. Firstly, it includes a strapline at the bottom of the magazine, it also has a large bold main image of the actor in character, A slogan is visible with the words “The Modern Guide To Movies”. A main coverline is visible, once again at the bottom of the main image. This particular main coverline gives the audience/reader a 3d effect as Harry Potter is almost stepping out the magazine, because he has one leg behind the main coverline and one leg in front. There are coverlines on both sides, and even an insert saying “the worlds best movie reviews” . In regards to my own front cover i would possibly use the same 3d effect of a character having the ability to walk out the page. This justifies thats its fairly modern, and also i would have used a feature from the ‘Total Film’ magazine.

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