Magazine front cover Layout Evaluations- Empire


Empire is known for its beautiful depiction of new films which are recently released or are due to be released. It’s content is of very high quality, and descriptive, and the pictures portrayed are very exclusive, hence the price of £3.80. We chose this particular edition of ‘Empire’ due to its special editing effect on the Masthead, the flames constructed in order to support the theme of the main image and main coverline of the film ‘Hellboy’ . The idea to have the masthead mirroring the theme of that particular edition is a formality i would like to use in my own front cover. As with the other conventions of a typical magazine front cover, it doesn’t conform fully as there are no straplines and the coverline is at the botton of the main image, possibly to allow empty space to fill the area around the main image in order to emphasise it. This is possibly a feature i would like to include in my front cover, as i would like to accentuate the main image i would be portraying. The inserts however do conform to typical conventions as they are on right hand side, which is the side the magazine front cover template had illustrated. This is possibly hinting that i should conform and have my inserts on the right hand side as intended due to all the magazines that have been evaluated so far have had their insert on the correct side of the page.


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