Magazine front cover Layout Evaluations – Gorezone


This is a typical example of a Movie magazine, its called Gorezone as it specialises in horror movies. The typical conventions of a magazine layout  do conform to this such as the masthead is at the top, in bold big letters, catches the readers eye, its red and black typical horror colours. The main image is in the centre of the piece, taking up the most room, as it should if it were to conform to the norms of a typical magazine. The extreme graphic horror illustrated within the main image, is a convention specific for a horror film magazine, and possibly a formality that i would like to use for my own magazine. A girl being on the front cover with blood dripping from her face and blood stains on her shirt, would fit in well with our storyline for our trailer, and we could use the feature of a distorted face on our front cover. The difference with ours would be that it would be taken slightly further and more make up would be used to portray the gore. This magazine however doesn’t have a strapline, which could question its perception as a magazine front cover. Instead it has slogans at the  on the left and the same words are repeated as a slogan at the top. And the main coverline is on the right not the left. However, The inserts conforms to the magazine front cover template, as they are on the right side, and within a block of colour to stand out.


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