secondary research – evaluation of trailers

Shaun of the dead trailer

The first film trailer we decided was adequate enough for our project to be analyzed was the British comedy horror “shaun of the dead” which has many useful elements that make it a good horror comedy. The Trailer begins with a great presence of versimilitude, it has eery music and fast pacing camera shots and editing effects and the use of static flashes ( which can be seen in a huge majority of conventional horrors such as paranormal activity) which leads the audience to believe it is a conventional horror movie. Then the comedy is introduced with a humorous irony when the main characters are told “not to panic” and the first thing they do is panic. The element of comedy is emphasised when the music cuts out completely in order for the audience to notice the irony and therefore understand the lightness of the movie. The comical irony theme is then continued through out the trailer to keep increasing the humour, for example vinyl records are used to chop off heads, and when their aim is to kill the zombies however when they run one over they reverse the car to ask if he’s alright. This depicts that speech can be used within our trailer to add to the element of comedy. The fast pace of clips being shown are mostly funny. This is great use to us as we can construct our trailer in the similar way.

the trailer is below

Paranormal activity 2 Trailer

The second trailer we chose to be analyzed was Paranormal activity two, we chose this in particular because of the impressive Trailer which contained thrilling content due to its horror elements on home cameras, such as the sounds used, the eery music is different as its non diegetic, the producers put it in however it adds to the realism as its not music but sound effect which gives a sense of versimilitude. The editing worked very well as they out the static noise in the right sections of the film so the timing of the sound effect and when in the trailer it comes works very well, as its able to keep the audience on an edge. The sound effect of subtle wind is used in the trailer really well as its the trademark that the demon is present and the distinction is made very obvious because everything else goes quiet. The beginning of the trailer voices whispering for help is audible but without a picture and the voices have been auto tuned to make it sound digital adding to the creepiness and adds and compliments theme of modern technology that the whole film is made on, which gave us ideas to record parts of our trailer on hand held amateur camera. The trailer on the website also impressed us due to its interaction availability, allowing the audience to rewind and skip through the trailer, and adding extra effects as they do this, for instance images that weren’t viewable when the trailer is playing normally then become visible. The  home cameras, which done move with the characters but allow the audience to have a bird eye security camera view, allowing the audience to see the whole room and everything which happens within it, this add to the versimilitude and realism of a documentary. This adds to the horror as the audience through out the whole film are convinced its real.

the trailer is below

The grudge series trailers

The final film we decided to analyze was the grudge trailers, the media conventions used were the best we had seen on a trailer so far, thus we concluded it must be included within our trailer analyzation. The editing was on a surreal level, it was the most horrifying trailer most audiences had witnessed as it recieved very well rated youtube comments. The editing convention of rapidly flashing images, ( almost in a subliminal way) of the grudge’s face appearing on the screen for a split second adds to the suspense. The use of non diegetic sounds build up effect having a rising pitch noise indicating the climax of the trailer, letting the audience know they are about to be scared. A technique which we are planning to use, specially when right before the climax, everything goes quiet, the music and effects all die out, then theres a sudden sound and a character jumps on the screen, this evidently in many cases makes the audience jump out their seat as its a brilliant way to shock. these are the two grudge trailers :


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