secondary research evaluation of posters –

Freedom Writers

The layout of this poster is very clever as the main image is in the centre but  only half visible, the protagonists face, the other half is inundated with the words of is assumed to be from the diaries of the ‘Freedom Writer’ as they are clearly hand written this implies a hint of mystery, As the main image is almost overlapping the words, this is visible by the translucent opacity around the main images edges, giving it the mystical effect, in effect enticing the viewer as well as being a denotation. The main image is also dark and dull and de-saturated, which coincidentley is a colour contrast against the yellow title, the contrast connotation implies that it is a drama filled film full of extreme heightened emotions. The title is also an important factor of the poster, the colour yellow is used which could be symbolizing hope. The five characters below the main image our staring directly at the camera, just below the viewers eye point for the principles of the rule of thirds, by breaking the 4th wall, its suggesting that the viewer will be brought profoundly into the storyline, with no barriers and  a small proximity between the viewer and those 5 characters, justifying the tagline” our story, our words”. The billing is small as its probably the least possible way a film will get promoted or recognised, its function is strictly legal. The words “coming soon” are in Big block capitals, to make the viewer aware of the date, to stand out, and possibly to stick In the audiences mind. The layout of having a major character as the main  image and the other characters near it in smaller version, influenced us for our poster, as that’s the structure style we used.



Shaun of the Dead.

‘Shaun of the dead’ was chosen to be analysed for its close relation of themes and genre with our desired product. This poster has elements of both the horror and comedy genre gleaming out of it. Firstly the colours used, for the background are red and black, very gothic colours. Red is the typical and idealistic colour used to suggest/foreshadow gore, blood and violence is to be anticipated. However many will argue it holds a different set of connotations as well such as love, romance and passion. The top & bottom of the poster fade from red into black (or vice versa) in order to draw the viewer’s eye into the light, which is where the main image is situated, once again putting the rule of thirds into practice, the main image is assisted to being bold with the integral lighting. This was constructed extremely well as both themes of horror, comedy are presented equally, the romance is further hinted with the slogan “ ROMANTIC COMEDY. WITH ZOMBIES” the full stop splitting that sentence into 2, emphasising the humour with 2 word sentences.  As well as the pun of ‘romcom’ ( romantic comedy) with the use of “romzom”. We were influenced by creating puns for our poster after seeing how well it worked for theirs. The main image is portraying many pale faced zombies with dead and scary expressions and torn colourless clothing, all compressed against what seems to be a set of doors with the protagonist compressed with them with a bouquet of flowers, looking very ‘normal’, with a concerned expression on his face, illustrating the comical aspect. This main image has the ability to engage both genres within itself.  The comedy aspect is continued further, with the tagline “EVER FELT LIKE YOU WERE SORROUNDED BY ZOMBIES” which is a metaphor but denoted because of the image shown, the character is literally surrounded by zombies. The title is white, standing out from the red background, as well as having bits missing, perhaps suggesting and symbolising the zombies biting their way into the title, the zombie influenced title is accentuated with the zombie fist emerging from the ‘A’ in DEAD.  The dominance  of comedy is also shown through the cinema release line “shuffling into cinemas” contains a comical factor as is unique from the usual “coming into cinemas” as it reflects the theme of the movie being ‘zombies’ who shuffle as their only way of walking very well.


Magazine front cover layout Evaluations – Total Film

Total film

This edition of total film we decided to analyze due to the recent release of the new Harry Potter movie in the industry. and also because ‘Total Film’ is a very influential movie magazine in the UK. This edition shows the modernness of the issue, with the special lightening effects used in the background. Also, of all the magazines that i have evaluated   this is possibly the most conformed. Firstly, it includes a strapline at the bottom of the magazine, it also has a large bold main image of the actor in character, A slogan is visible with the words “The Modern Guide To Movies”. A main coverline is visible, once again at the bottom of the main image. This particular main coverline gives the audience/reader a 3d effect as Harry Potter is almost stepping out the magazine, because he has one leg behind the main coverline and one leg in front. There are coverlines on both sides, and even an insert saying “the worlds best movie reviews” . In regards to my own front cover i would possibly use the same 3d effect of a character having the ability to walk out the page. This justifies thats its fairly modern, and also i would have used a feature from the ‘Total Film’ magazine.

Magazine front cover Layout Evaluations- Empire


Empire is known for its beautiful depiction of new films which are recently released or are due to be released. It’s content is of very high quality, and descriptive, and the pictures portrayed are very exclusive, hence the price of £3.80. We chose this particular edition of ‘Empire’ due to its special editing effect on the Masthead, the flames constructed in order to support the theme of the main image and main coverline of the film ‘Hellboy’ . The idea to have the masthead mirroring the theme of that particular edition is a formality i would like to use in my own front cover. As with the other conventions of a typical magazine front cover, it doesn’t conform fully as there are no straplines and the coverline is at the botton of the main image, possibly to allow empty space to fill the area around the main image in order to emphasise it. This is possibly a feature i would like to include in my front cover, as i would like to accentuate the main image i would be portraying. The inserts however do conform to typical conventions as they are on right hand side, which is the side the magazine front cover template had illustrated. This is possibly hinting that i should conform and have my inserts on the right hand side as intended due to all the magazines that have been evaluated so far have had their insert on the correct side of the page.

Magazine front cover Layout Evaluations – Gorezone


This is a typical example of a Movie magazine, its called Gorezone as it specialises in horror movies. The typical conventions of a magazine layout  do conform to this such as the masthead is at the top, in bold big letters, catches the readers eye, its red and black typical horror colours. The main image is in the centre of the piece, taking up the most room, as it should if it were to conform to the norms of a typical magazine. The extreme graphic horror illustrated within the main image, is a convention specific for a horror film magazine, and possibly a formality that i would like to use for my own magazine. A girl being on the front cover with blood dripping from her face and blood stains on her shirt, would fit in well with our storyline for our trailer, and we could use the feature of a distorted face on our front cover. The difference with ours would be that it would be taken slightly further and more make up would be used to portray the gore. This magazine however doesn’t have a strapline, which could question its perception as a magazine front cover. Instead it has slogans at the  on the left and the same words are repeated as a slogan at the top. And the main coverline is on the right not the left. However, The inserts conforms to the magazine front cover template, as they are on the right side, and within a block of colour to stand out.

Magazine Front Cover Template

The link below is of a typical magazine template. We included this within our research in order to compare and construct our own magazine front cover. We will be analyzing what we see and questioning the motive of the layout, as to why the alterations were made, and weather it is successful in appeal to the target audience. Some of the layouts may not conform to the typical magazine layout conventions due to many varied reasons, such as the film the topic thats the main feature may need more then the middle section for space, the mast head may have changed due to the theme of that particular issue. Our aim would be to replicate the common conventions of a magazine front cover in order in order to get an adequate grade. However we would like to illustrate how we were influenced and if we made alterations why we decided to do so . Magazine_Front_Cover_Template


Empire Media Kit

Cosmopolitan Media kit

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