initial ideas for A2 trailer

firstly i was researching the various genres we had the option to do, after profound consideration we established  that me and my partner will be working on an horror comedy/parody. The briefs in which we chose to do was a promotion package for a new film to include a teaser trailer, together with a film magazine front cover featuring the film and a poster for the film we chose to do this partly because my partner was experienced within the film making and i was experienced with photoshop, thus we gathered that my combining our skills it would increase our chances of succeeding. i could also develop my skills and acquire new ones which could be used within the advanced portfolio.

The genre we chose to do was comedy horror, we chose it because it would be enjoyable to make and we had many different ideas for it already. Plus due to it being a horror, a wide degree of effects has the potential to make it look really interesting and creative. Due to comedy horrors being a rare genre film makers tend towards it gave us the liberty to make  it as innovative as we wished.

the first initial idea we had was to create an exaggerated world of escaped zombies  who didn’t wish to bring any harm upon us, but were simply  lost . This was an excellent idea as the trailer would be exciting and funny to watch as it would engage the audience in a positive way. Despite conforming to typical conventions of this genre as we thought it were slightly cliche and repetitive to fully exploit our  visionary potential.

the final and confirmed idea for our short trailer was a comedy horror based genre on a possessed girl who supposedly haunts the college library, we will include all elements of a typical scary film, with intense chilling soundtrack, echo effects, flashing lights, whispers screams, darkness etc, however the aspect of comedy will be so sudden and surprising it will shock the readers. The target audience are teenagers, of lower/middle class and can be of both sexes. We decided upon this because of the modern genre that we have chosen, comedy horror is an ancient creation that has only gained popularity in the last 20 years with the films such as Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Scary movie and shaun of the dead to name a few. Also, being teenagers ourselves we had a clear perspective of the sense of humor and our ability to relate to the audience to satisfy their needs and what appeals to them. We chose working and middle class teenagers due to the majority of viewers being working/middle class, also upper class teenagers could possibly find this type of film immature and inappropriate. As a result of the film being contemporary the media language used would have to reflect that, thus would also be modern and also feature some slang, which would once again appeal to the working/middle class society of teenagers. The short trailer represents perhaps the female gender ( as its the demon) as evil, the demon and the other characters are in the teen years also, so around 16-19 year olds. Also, stereotypical groups that are found in normal high schools will be portrayed to give it a tiny sense of verisimilitude .  And finally the narrative would be linear and in the third person as in our view the effect on the audience will be greater if we shot the film as if we were the audience. And the trailer will be in chronological order because we want it to apply to Todorov’s theory where a state of equilibrium is needed, then a disruption and dilemma is created, then there is an attempt to fix the problem, and its resolved ending with a new equilibrium. And to show a tense build up and shock the audience with the comedy this structure is most appropriate.