Initial ideas for front cover of a magazine featuring a film

Focusing on the genre of horror comedies our front cover would include an image from our film, coincidently this would be a funny image, implicating the humorous aspect of our main task which is the trailer. the background/wallpaper of the front cover would be dark, and grotesque using colours such as black and dark red once again to suggest to the reader that it is a horror comedy and not just a comedy, therefore its necessary for it to feature both genres. The title of the magazine would be decided later however the font would be suggesting “hollywood” as its a movie magazine, and magazines such as ‘EMPIRE’ would be our inspiration and the colour of the font will be bright, as the background is going to be dark, thus the heading needs to be bold and vibrant to attract attention and stand out, as its the title and people purchase based on name of a magazine and its status. Also, on the front cover there would be the movie catchphrase printed in bold below the main image. and other words will include possibly what the critics thought of the movie. Other images on the front cover would possibly include other new releases, and advertising other films and interviews and other features that the monthly/weekly magazine usually includes. the writing on the front cover is more likely to be light, as the background is dark, therefore its a contrast which will stand out. The target audience would be a much more wider variety of ages as its an ordinary movie magazine, its not specified for particular films, it would be from the ages of 15-65, initially who ever is attracted to film, is our target audience when producing the front cover, this is also a good marketing scheme to get other audiences who its not aimed at, a glimpse of that genre, and could possibly engage more people and the genre’s fan base could increase. The magazine would also include a “freebie” a free give away, to attract more people to buy the magazine. it would include a bar code and a price, of around £2, as we don’t wish for it to be too expensive like Empire’s £3.90 but we also, want to appeal to a more wide rang of people from different backgrounds and classes who aren’t so fortunate to be able to afford expensive magazines.


initial ideas for poster

Having decided upon the genre we wanted to focus on for the main task, making confirmations as to what we should include within out poster was more simple than expected. The poster would include all the aspects and ingredients compulsory for a horror movie, for example colour wise it would be dark, gloomy colours such as black which suggests death, and red which personifies blood and gore and is popular within the thriller sector. the poster is to be rather plain as we want to focus on the main image which is controversial as its gonna be a funny, as the genre is a comedy horror.  And also it creates a sense of mystery and avoids distraction from the main image. the font used would be implicating a thriller and should initiate a feeling of terror within the viewer/audience who are looking at it. The target audience are teenagers we would work on the language and alter it, provide a pun and make it funny to appeal to the younger, contemporary audience, with the use of slang it would indicate who its aimed at. This also specifies the class its aimed at, being working/middle they are more likely to understand and find funny what upper class would merely find immature and possibly wouldn’t understand due to them being shielded from the outside world. The gender aimed at would be both male and female audience as this is an advantage for marketing. the size of the poster would be A4 as we are completing it on the computer and that is the only option.