XXl music magazine Analysis

the second magazine i will be analysing is the number one hip hop selling magazine in the world, Unlike “the Source”, “XXL”  concentrates strictly on music, the consumers buy the magazine, for its information on artists, album releases, top 20 in the charts, interviews with the artists. The main image is of the famous rapper Eminem, who is statistically in the top 5 most successful and popular rappers of all time. Its illustrating how XXl use this notorious artists such as Eminem to reel in their consumers. by using a dominant character in the hip hop culture, who has influenced many, thus it will help their marketing. The artists facial expression is once again similarly to the source’s an angry one and once again the artists has his left hand reaching for a gun. once again hinting at violence, however the Gun isn’t in full portrayal and it could be argued its part of his outfit.  The punisher tattoo is black on his chest, its the first thing the viewer sees, it mirrors his expression of anger and evil.  The lettering used is red and white once again, the red’s boldness stands out and catches eye. whilst the white colour is highlighted and clearly visible on the black background. The font used  for the word “Eminem” is hollow, and different, its quiet rare to have transparent font thus catching eye.

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