The Source Music Magazine Analaysis

the first magazine i will be analysing is “The Source” which is statistically the second most sold hip hop magazine in the world, is wildly credited for its insight into hip hop’s music, politics and culture. I decided to include this within my top 3, and one of the magazines that have influenced me for my own because of its popularity, and also because the theme of politics is rather rare to have within a music magazine therefore, highlighting its uniqueness. The main image used is the rapper Game, with his eyes closed and a gun under his chin, a picture reflecting suicide, however the small heading states “suicide is not an option”  suggesting its advertising the danger and stupidity. Many criticise it for its violent portrayal however due to  its solid good message, its an excellent example of controversy. The colours used, for the writing are red  connotating anger, which mirrors the rappers face, and white which connotates hope , mirroring the message being illustrated. The layout has the main picture in front of the masthead. which suggests the confidence, and popularity of the magazine, because they are able to block part of the letters, and consumers would know which magazine it is. the target audience for this magazine is most likely to be males aged 18+ due to its profound moral messages and young peoples lackof interest in politics.


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