OZONE music magazine analysis

the final magazine i will be analysing is Ozone, it has been rated to be the southern voice of hip-hop. it has an element of humour within it, with puns such as “hooker hunting” , and mockery such as “parental advisory – explicit content” which would be rather amusing as this is usually placed on CD’s. i liked the background of the magazine, as it looked rather different. with the photoshop effects of the grey stripes, however the colour grey i thought was too dull, and maybe a colour such as yellow would have been more bold, catchy and appropriate. however, the fact that only two colours were used for the font of the whole front cover shows a continuance, and doesn’t distract the reader from the information and main picture illustrated, and helps the magazine look clearer, with more structure, and the two colours red and blue are contrasts, highlighting each other rather well. The main heading has always got an artist head inside, it a different artist for every issue that’s released. which gave me a few ideas to have in my own magazine as a continuance trend, instead of a picture with every with every issue, i would possibly have a quote by a famous Artist who was rather notorious and has passed away. The main picture is of a currently high status artist “Lil Wayne” whose recognition and popularity has raised in the last few years, and issues such as sex, women, artist news and lack of culture and politics, perhaps suggesting that Ozone magazine is  more for the contemporary audience, aiming for age groups of 15-21, unlike the two before, who are aimed at higher, such as 16-30.

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