Evaluation for Music Magazine Jammin’


For the main task of my A-level media project the aim was to create a front cover, contents page and double page spread of a music magazine. i started with researching the top 10 music magazines in the industry. then made a decision on what i wished my magazine to be on, what type of music, who would represent it  and who my target audience were to be. The first page to be produced was my front cover, i chose that particular colour because it was feminine, i chose the Jammin font because it was aimed at a young audience, and also my target audience where mainly aimed at young people who listened to RnB, thus many might be from ethnic backgrounds such as Jamaica or Africa, and the font has a Jamaican vibe to it. Also the models i chose were Afro caribbean black males, i did this because of the relevance to that ethnic culture i wanted to relate to. i used photoshop for the cropping of the pictures and editing of the font and background, after creating a mock up i found it really easy to do this. The only thing that i didn’t like about my main task is possibly the content page, i really wanted to take a picture of a very nice background, possibly of a green field with trees and the sky in the background and change it to be black and white and paste my models pictures on top of it in black and white also but i didn’t have enough time. So instead i changed the background using photoshop colours, i stuck to the continual yellow and pink to show relevance. As i got the black and white scenary idea from the contents page of “Vibe’ magazine, and it looked very nice and appealed to me, and being the age of 18 and female myself it is possible that it would also appeal to my target audience as its for 15+ females.

For my final front cover i decided to work off the mock up i had made with the picture of the RnB artist Omarion on the magazine as the main image. i decided to not change anything but the main image and colour of the background  and the contents being portrayed as features. Firstly the quote i have at the top of the page, as mentioned previously before was an imaginative way i had of establishing a uniqueness with my magazine, as there were no magazines in the industry with a quote illustrated on their front cover from a dead legendary artist.  i thought this would appeal to my target audience being teenage women of ages  of 15- 25 as its a wide generation and the philosophical side would be appreciated by the older readers. The background i decided to make pink instead of orange as pink was more feminine and i really want to establish the fact that this is a female magazine. The font and colour are very exotic and in a Jamaican style which is what i was aiming for as most RnB talent in the Uk and US are from afro Caribbean backgrounds, therefore is showing off the culture of the artists which are featured. the colours are consistent, red, yellow and black which are very caribbean colours also reflecting on the culture and also perhaps suggesting its an autumn issue . the models are looking at the camera giving the reader the effect that they are looking at them, the picture is very serious and would appeal to the female readers as the models are fairly good looking. which would increase marketing regardless of that the magazine was about.  The magazine that would work or want to produce this are probably right on magazine as they have a very similar style.

The final contents page was originally inspired to be black and white   however, i done a tiny verbal survey asked the pupils in my class what they thought would look better the background in black and white or the characters, 80% agreed on the characters being black and white, thus i thought my target audience would possibly agree. The structure of my contents page was influenced by the Vibe content Page i produced an analysis on, i really liked the naturalistic wallpaper in the background in black and white and the way the writing was structured as if written on the clouds – the colour being black didn’t disrupt the black and white pattern and merged in really well. the vibe contents page was my inspiration. however i didn’t have a naturalistic background, as i only took photos of models in the studio not in nature or outside. therefore i decided to go with a retro wallpaper as it would be more contemporary and appeal to the younger generation of girls, also the colours of pink and yellow show continuance from the front cover, which makes the magazine look more presentable, clear and structured. and i have the written word of Contents going  down the page, i chose this because my old preliminary task had the contents logo going down a page as well and i liked the structure therefore decided to have this similar. the pictures i chose for the contents page are of all the models standing up, and two are looking at the camera ( reader) 1 is facing away. i thought this gave a good effect and all three seem to be connected by some way, two have the same eyesight and the same model with the white coat is leaning on the other, showing the connection. the font i chose was the same as the one on the front cover to show continuance  through out the three finished products. the feature page doesn’t have anything other that the features that will be viewed inside. i really hated the NME contents page, it didn’t appeal to me at all, the busy and clustered structure made me want to do the complete opposite for my contents page. And i have shown that through the simplicity of my structure, images, fonts and strictly no adverts.
My final double page spread its similarity to the Jamelia interview double page spread is very close and the inspiration is illustrated clearly, through such things as colour, font, structure and images. i wanted to show my creative side through the overlapping images by increasing and decreasing the opacity of the images, just like Jamelia’s image is overlapped by the writing in the interview.  i really enjoyed experimenting with this as i hadn’t used this photoshop tool before. the interview created was done purely on imagination and role playing with a few of my friends, to add a factor of realism i added many aspects of humor through out the interview. the colors of the interviewee, and each individual interviewer was different as i knew from research that if there are more that one person being interviewed there must be a clear distinction as to who is saying what and in which order, this is so the readers don’t get confused and the chronological order can assist the readers to se the reaction of the interviewees which would also add to the realism the colours i used were light purple, yellow and green for the interviewees and orange for the interviewer. i chose these colours because they were subtle and stood out really well againts the black background . the only continuance of the Jammin magazine’s front cover and contents page that was reflected back on in the double page spread was the writing font of the sub heading.   i though its best to keep resemblance to a minimum in order to show a clear change in atmosphere, and a distinction between the quality of the products. an interview with super celebrities is forced to look more professional thus concluding in the contrasting choice of color and effects used on photoshop for editing the pictures. The Subheading was influenced by the subheading in the Jamelia magazine interview i thought putting words like queen and kings gave the interviewees a higher more prestige status therefore making the magazine look better, this would have increased marketing. This double page spread is more likely to be presented by a magazine like Vibe or XXL these are more expensive and more serious and professional which is possibly why i decided upon the stricture, colour and image editing to show that the actual content is full of quality, regardless of how much the price of the magazine is .

The media product i created used conventions of real media products by having the particular structure that my front cover had. The artists on the front cover of my magazine is an indication of what type of music my magazine will be supporting and including, also it indicates what age group the magazine is aimed at which is 15-25.  The connotation of youth is also portrayed through the use of font used, being informal and colourful, and most importantly the apostrophe at the end of the “n” is the main implication of youth as the word isn’t completed instead its merely an abbreviation which would relate to youths as they use more abbreviated words than adults. furthermore, a continuous font is used through out the front cover, contents page and double page spread, called “ Lithos pro” on photoshop. And i used this font for the contents page and some of the double page spread to show how they are related and structure my product, however i thwarted too much continuance as a clear distinction between each page is needed to show the different topics they are abou`t. Another convention used is the page numbers put on my media product as they assist the reader to follow the magazine when ever they wish. The interview on the double page spread starts with capital letters, “ The kings of RnB and the queen of fashion come together for Jammin” this is printed in capitals and in bolder and larger font then the rest of the interview, it could be seen as a sub heading however due to the sentence starting straight after it, it is able to successfully grab the readers attention and provoke them to continue reading. Furthermore, another convention of a real media product used on my magazine is the barcode and price printed on the front of the magazine show a conformity to normal regular magazines as well telling the reader how much it costs, it can also be argued that the price is an indication to who the magazine is aimed at. My price being £1.60 isn’t too expensive however it isn’t really cheap, its rather appropriate for students to purchase. On the other hand, a challenging convention is the quotation at the top of my magazine, most regular music magazines usually have the “this weeks features” there, however i wanted to appeal to the older, more philosophical reader, therefore i thought a Quote from a legendary artist with each new issue of my magazine would make it stand out and make people want to pick it up. As the quote isn’t from an RnB artist its from a rock and roll artist, however of a black and caribbean background, keeping the continuance of relating to my readers culture and widening my genre, sending a message that all music is good and setting an example to my reader’s not to be prejudice. Also, another challenging convention is the contents page being rather simple and plain. most of the contents pages i researched had advertisement and tour dates, and artists information printed on there, however i questioned a few of my target audience and they stated  that as it looked really clustered and i didn’t wish to do that on my magazine, hence why in my analysis of the “Vibe” magazine i was continuously hinting that i would structure my own magazine according to that. “Vibe” magazine were the only magazine that had a structure which i enjoyed to look at, to show this i reflected their idea of having the black and white background and characters, however i wanted to keep the Pink and yellow colours which were portrayed on the front cover persistent, plus it made it look very retro and could easily relate to the contemporary audience. However, i did edit my models to be black and white to show my influence from “Vibe” magazine.

In addition, My media product represents youth, possibly from the ages of 15 onwards, up until 25. As the artists on the front cover of my magazine are very young themselves and they are emerging artist , so the audience would be people that are updated in the music world, and that is more likely to be teenagers.  The Gender however is purely for females, as the background is pink, a clear manifestation of femininity. Also the fact that the models are male is another implication that the magazine is aimed at females as they would be more attracted to a magazine cover with good looking male artists on there. . Also, a female Fashion designer is featured in this week’s issue, widening the genre away from music just a bit, and the fact that its a successful female fashion designer send a good moral message to the female readers, as it can be seen as a role model to them, aspiring them to be ambitious.  Furthermore, the colour of the font used is Yellow and very bright, Yellow can be seen as a feminine colour and the brightness attracts the readers attention. also the abbreviation in the Masthead is another indication to the young generation of contemporary society.  The race of the male models are black caribbean, this was done on purpose as most artists in the RnB music industry do hail from the black backgrounds therefore it would make my magazine seem more realistic and conform to the conventions, and also it would relate to the caribbean theme of my magazine, with the yellow colours and font.
However my target audience are likely to be of all backgrounds as the main topic is RnB music and all races listen to that music. however the gender remains strictly for females due to the reasons mentioned previously. There is a clear distinction between my target audience and representative, the representative is a young, good looking male, the target audience is a young women from all backgrounds.
Even more, i attracted my target audience by using bright colours and a rare and interesting font that is seldom seen on magazine covers. i used the colour of pink to portray femininity and the yellow and red font is a brilliant contrast againts the light pink background. Also the writing doesn’t change in colour, yellow and red are kept, and black is added, i chose the black because its rather neutral and would stand out and look bold on any light background, My audience would also be attracted to the male artists on the front cover, as they are young women, a young good looking male who is releasing songs would be very appealing to them. Thus i chose those particular models.

Furthermore, photoshop is very important because without it producing this final piece of coursework would be impossible. The skills i have learnt from using and adapting to the photoshop technology was how to crop pictures and paste them on to the background i want. Also, iv learnt how to change the lighting and gradients on the models pictures to adapt it so it looks good and stands out well from the background. Obviously to take the actual primary images i used a professional camera in a professional studio, using my connections with the photography students, i took around 65 photos and was evidently forced to go through an elimination process. On the double page spread i practised decreasing and increasing the opacity of an image to gain the image on image layered effect, to show how i was influenced by the Jamelia interview on the double spread page i analysed. The contents page took a while to create as i had to find the perfect background on photoshop, to contrast with the models and writing but also to be portrayed as a continuance from the front cover in regards to font and colour. I have learnt that photoshop sometimes does erase your work, my double page spread was created then erased, thus i had to recreate it and no evidence of the old one existed. Therefore everything i do, i save on a USB as a backup and also upload everything up onto my blog on word press. Also, to save as you work, so if computer does shut down suddenly ones work isn’t all erased.

In conclusion, the the magazine company which would represent and distribute my product is possibly the publication called “Time Inc”- who are owned by Time Warner the world largest entertainment co-operation because even though i evaluate them, they are not aimed at the same target audience as me and the structure of their magazine including their contents, features and images are not very similar to Jammin’ however they are the best choice for me because of their control, power and money to make my magazine as successful as it can be. Looking back on my preliminary task, i feel like i have learnt more photoshop skills, i no longer need as much assistance i used to need, therefore i work with comfort and confidence when photoshopping is needed. With the preliminary task i didn’t take that many image print screen shots as i should have to show my progression as i proceeded with my work, but i have done with this main task. Also i have improved the detail and length of my blogs each time i write one, it used to be 2 sentences long, with the preliminary task, however with this main task my blogs each time were big paragraphs. And lastly i learned how to construct a double page spread which i didn’t know how to do before and write up an interview between four people, which was also a new experience, but i was able to carry out the task successfully.

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