double page spread examples+ analysis

The images collected above for the secondary research i conducted for my music magazine – ( structure of double page spreads) were all very typical of what is expected to find within a double page spread. The first one with the news paper cut out letters didn’t really appeal to me as it was outside the genre of my magazine. it was more punk/rock/emo and the girl modelling is also that type of model, with dark hair and dark make up. However i did notice how like the other two magazines this also started with an introduction after the massive quoted title. which is a continuance all magazines double page seem to share. Secondly the magazine with ‘JAMELIA” on as the heading really impressed me, and i immediately wanted to use it as a backbone to my own double page spread.  I liked the image on image ( layered effect), the editing was done nicely, also i liked the two different colors used, one for the interviewer and one or the interviewee, the colors also seem to compliment each other, by contrasting and also reflecting the atmosphere. A peachy font color suggests relaxed and “Jammin'” ambiance, which is also mirrored in the image in the background , as the artist Jamelia is sitting on her bed, and isn’t wearing any formal clothing. The third double page spread is of the black eyed peas interview, the only thing that attracted me to this was the fading in fading out of the images used, i thought this was rather rare and considered to use this effect for my own magazine. Also i liked the structure of how the image completely dominated one side of the double page, i also considered this for my own structure, i thought it gave a good clear, distinct portrayal of the interviewee and both his statements and his self portrayal .


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