Commercial contents page analysis – Vibe music magazine

The content page shown on the left is that of Vibe magazine. I really liked this issue’s content page as it screams out articulate. The structure is what im referring to, its so spacious.  And the main image isn’t actually an image but more of a wallpaper/background. The colour of black and white illustrates an authentic effect and it appealed to me immensely as it added an edge to it. The font used took up 3 lines to portray one word “content”, its seldom to find the structure of a heading to be in this type of construction, and I hadn’t seen it with other magazines. The colour of the fonts are black which gave it a naturalistic look as it blends in well with the wallpaper , and the font used as a subheading was different to the rest of that which gives the page numbers and a mini description. I thought this was very clever as it catches the reader’s eye even more. And its rather  bigger and the pretty italic writing gave me an idea for my own content pages. And it would e something that would defiantly appeal to women. The full body picture of the artist in the background looking at the camera, his objective of existing in this shot is possibly to manifest his clothing to the reader. As from background information I have discovered that fashion is one of the many elements that Vibe magazine takes into account. Everything about this content page impressed me and gave me ideas on how to construct my own page, I defiantly want to have a wallpaper type picture as the background and use the same type of font for my sub headings, and defiantly show a full body picture of my model.

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