Production log.

9/9/09- first media lesson, introduced to the subjects,the key concepts and what to expect.

16/9/09- discussed genres of film, how films used technical sources such as lighting, sound camera, characters,location and dialogue to portray the genre and theme  of film. This exercise helped us gain perspective of the wide variety of films in the media.

18/9/09-  were introduced to media coursework, were given deadlines. told to set up blogs and start researching our creative ideas, ready to present in next friday’s lesson. So i started to research the piece of media i had chosen to create which was a magazine, this meant researching different magazines and trying to decide the topic i want for mine, suitable to be sold as a school magazine, which is our preliminary task.

25/09/09- this day was dedicated to our smart targets, we went through what SMART meant and stood for. i wrote my targets down, however due to the word press logging me out all my work got deleted and i was forced to start again, i learned to refresh word press after that. writing smart targets helped guide me through the coursework .i continued to research existing magazines, by this day i had decided to make preliminary magazine a fashion school magazine for Harlow college.

30/9/09- in this lesson we watched the film kidulthood.

2/10/09-  continued my research, to gain a name for my magazine, i researched fashion vocabulary and went through a fashion A-Z, and found two names which appealed to me more than anything, the words “viyella” which had a material meaning of lambs wool and cotton, and moir which had a meaning of watery, silky material. i really liked both but had difficulty choosing one i liked, thus to come to a conclusion i done a mini survey, on my msn contact list, asking people which appeals to them more. this helped as i am using primary research to guide me if it came to marketing ( asking buyers opinion)

7/10/09-  i was introduced to photoshop. practiced with a few images taken from Google. i came to a conclusion to use viyella and moir in one word ViyellaMoir. because people said they liked both. i print screened my conversation with the msn contacts to use a proof.

9/10/09-  i took this day to team up with my model friend, and my photographer friend, to assist me with taking my first hand images. with their help i was able to take around 9/10 images which were adequate to be used as a front cover of a magazine. i had advise been given to me by my photographer friend, about the models clothing, and poses she should make, and she also helped me with the camera angles, and told me which side to capture the best image would be.

16/10/09- i had my photoshop session with Reinier, who helped us in developing our photo shop skills, by experimenting with different images and doing weird and wonderful things to them by adjusting them and this helped to discover i was a rather impatient person as i wanted to do things straight away and would get annoyed if it didn’t go right. i improved this skill by continuing to progress individually without asking for help, this helped become more familiar with photo shop.

21/10/09 – i attempted a rough draft of the front cover of Viyella Moir, with my friend as the front cover, and i researched, magazine content pages to see what needs to be placed in a weeks issue for a fashion magazine.

4/11/09- i made another draft of the front cover of viyella moir, this time much more improved and, had a better reaction when i showed people. It was a nicer version because of my use of photo shop, and the effects i added, really helped develop my skills, and make the magazine look nicer.

6/11/09- today i evaluated three of my magazine examples , “ELLE, Vogue, and Cosmoplitan”, i wrote half a page on each discussing why the front page of each works well and how it compliments, and what could be the selling factor of that particular issue, also analysed things like colour, clothing worn by the model and colours used for the lettering and words. did exactly the same to the content page.

13/11/09- today i started my final front cover, on photoshop.

20/11/09 today i finished my final front cover , and started my final contents page, i struggled a little on photoshop but after 2 hours of practice got my desired product.

27/11/09 – today i finished my final contents page and started planning my evaluation. , to do so i had to read back on the production log to see what i should include.

4/12/09- i was able to progress a little further with my evaluation. not finished it yet however.

11/12/09 – today i finished my final evaluation it took 1,600 words and i uploaded everything on to my blog.


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