Production log.

9/9/09- first media lesson, introduced to the subjects,the key concepts and what to expect.

16/9/09- discussed genres of film, how films used technical sources such as lighting, sound camera, characters,location and dialogue to portray the genre and theme  of film. This exercise helped us gain perspective of the wide variety of films in the media.

18/9/09-  were introduced to media coursework, were given deadlines. told to set up blogs and start researching our creative ideas, ready to present in next friday’s lesson. So i started to research the piece of media i had chosen to create which was a magazine, this meant researching different magazines and trying to decide the topic i want for mine, suitable to be sold as a school magazine, which is our preliminary task.

25/09/09- this day was dedicated to our smart targets, we went through what SMART meant and stood for. i wrote my targets down, however due to the word press logging me out all my work got deleted and i was forced to start again, i learned to refresh word press after that. writing smart targets helped guide me through the coursework .i continued to research existing magazines, by this day i had decided to make preliminary magazine a fashion school magazine for Harlow college.

30/9/09- in this lesson we watched the film kidulthood.

2/10/09-  continued my research, to gain a name for my magazine, i researched fashion vocabulary and went through a fashion A-Z, and found two names which appealed to me more than anything, the words “viyella” which had a material meaning of lambs wool and cotton, and moir which had a meaning of watery, silky material. i really liked both but had difficulty choosing one i liked, thus to come to a conclusion i done a mini survey, on my msn contact list, asking people which appeals to them more. this helped as i am using primary research to guide me if it came to marketing ( asking buyers opinion)

7/10/09-  i was introduced to photoshop. practiced with a few images taken from Google. i came to a conclusion to use viyella and moir in one word ViyellaMoir. because people said they liked both. i print screened my conversation with the msn contacts to use a proof.

9/10/09-  i took this day to team up with my model friend, and my photographer friend, to assist me with taking my first hand images. with their help i was able to take around 9/10 images which were adequate to be used as a front cover of a magazine. i had advise been given to me by my photographer friend, about the models clothing, and poses she should make, and she also helped me with the camera angles, and told me which side to capture the best image would be.

16/10/09- i had my photoshop session with Reinier, who helped us in developing our photo shop skills, by experimenting with different images and doing weird and wonderful things to them by adjusting them and this helped to discover i was a rather impatient person as i wanted to do things straight away and would get annoyed if it didn’t go right. i improved this skill by continuing to progress individually without asking for help, this helped become more familiar with photo shop.

21/10/09 – i attempted a rough draft of the front cover of Viyella Moir, with my friend as the front cover, and i researched, magazine content pages to see what needs to be placed in a weeks issue for a fashion magazine.

4/11/09- i made another draft of the front cover of viyella moir, this time much more improved and, had a better reaction when i showed people. It was a nicer version because of my use of photo shop, and the effects i added, really helped develop my skills, and make the magazine look nicer.

6/11/09- today i evaluated three of my magazine examples , “ELLE, Vogue, and Cosmoplitan”, i wrote half a page on each discussing why the front page of each works well and how it compliments, and what could be the selling factor of that particular issue, also analysed things like colour, clothing worn by the model and colours used for the lettering and words. did exactly the same to the content page.

13/11/09- today i started my final front cover, on photoshop.

20/11/09 today i finished my final front cover , and started my final contents page, i struggled a little on photoshop but after 2 hours of practice got my desired product.

27/11/09 – today i finished my final contents page and started planning my evaluation. , to do so i had to read back on the production log to see what i should include.

4/12/09- i was able to progress a little further with my evaluation. not finished it yet however.

11/12/09 – today i finished my final evaluation it took 1,600 words and i uploaded everything on to my blog.


final magazine cover and contents Page

final contents page

viyella moir FINAL

final evaluation of Magazine


The assignment brief i chose to do for my Preliminary task was construct the front cover and contents page for a particular school/ college magazine. The task set was to try and achieve a front cover and contents page via an appropriate way of desk top publishing and image manipulating software. It had to feature a photograph of a student in medium close up and some adequately laid out text and masthead. Additionally a mock up of the layout of the contents page was to be made. I began with researching a few popular fashion magazines as i had decided to have that as the theme of my magazine because i loved fashion myself and am a monthly consumer of “Vogue’ and had many friends who were models and others who would be able to direct me in photography.  The magazines I researched were “Vogue”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Instyle”, “Elle” and “Marie Claire”. These magazines all successfully were able to portray fashion in an appealing way, and were great for inspiring me to construct my own. The three i decided to analyze and evaluate were “Cosmopolitan”, “Elle” and “Vogue”. However, i had to be cautious about not setting the age rate too high, as most the Magazines i was idolising and comparing my own to where for much older successful women who could afford £3.50 on a magazine that has mainly images inside and tips on sex, diet and exercise. So even though it was based around fashion magazines, the significant element of evolving around students and their lives ( and their pockets) had to be taken into consideration. my target audience being middle class female teenagers i set the magazine price to £1.50.  But still the magazines mentioned successfully stood for what a good solid fashion magazine should be. The second step after knowing what my magazine was going to be about, was to come up with a name that would suite the elegance of a fashion magazine.Thus to  gain such a name i researched fashion vocabulary on the internet, i thought if i gathered some fashion related words and used it as a masthead and name of my magazine, it would mold in very well and actually have a reference to the topic of the magazine. to show this secondary research i posted a link to the vocabulary website i used to get the names. There were 5 final words that appealed to most out of the whole fashion vocab, and to gain a result as to which to use, i carried out an opinion poll on the contacts on my messenger list on hotmail, and asked an average of 10 people and the two words that were favourites were viyella and Moir. So i came to a conclusion to push the two words together and create “viyella Moir” . i already knew i was basing my magazine around the elegance of vogue, thus why i decided to the italic font, and kept it as a continuing factor through out the whole front cover and contents page. The main image and the ones on the side and the four inside the contents page are all taken my myself with assistance from friends, the model is a close friend of mine, so is the director that assisted me in taking the images. in order to take them we went to London for a few then to countryside for the rest.  The contents page is very similar to the Elle contents page, the collage background of fashion related items really appealed to me, so i solely based it around that.

The completed product was finished by Friday the 27th of November. i had two different versions of viyella moir as drafts before i constructed the final piece. The first was dismissed because i was forced to alter it due to the reason the main image was at a far proximity of the face of the model, then after altered it became blurry and unclear, so it was concluded it wouldn’t make an appropriate front cover. The second, draft i completed didn’t appeal to me as the background wasn’t the main image instead it was blue with a pink masthead as Viyella Moir. also it was criticized by my peers for looking too much like a poster. Therefore i learnt from my peer, my judgment and comparing it to Vogue and Elle what i should alter and what i should keep, the font was one of the favourite so i kept that the same. i looked in my folder for images of my model where her face was clear and big, able to take up the majority of space in the front cover, and found the one that was shown. the glowing effect on photoshop looked very good on a dark background, so it was decided to instead of having various colourful glows, have one set of golden yellow ones. in my opinion the drafts that had multiple different glows around their pictures and fonts looked rather messy and out of place. Thus to show a continuance and keep it tidy i maintained the same effects on all the images and fonts, it could be argued that its more professional and less amateur. My viewers also stated using the same harmony of colours in my final piece attracted them to the magazine as the soft pastel colours of yellow and purple, not only were contrasts so looked nice and complimented each other, but were extremely natural and rather like very original and a juxtaposition to all the neon and bright colours that are usually used on magazines in the modern times. The softness of the colours can be mirrored in the softness of the models face, and a clear persistence exists. The contents page the female viewers loved because of the femininity that plunges out the paper. the images such as red lips, stilettos, designer bags and make up scream out women, and all girls aged 15+ would be extremely enticed and it would attract them. the contents page is based around the Elle contents page that i have evaluated earlier on in the project. That is solely the collage of images, that Elle had on that particular issue. The background for the writing is pastel light baby pink. This even though it can be criticized for being stereotypical aimed at girls because of the pink, it work very well and merges in with the prestige topic of fashion. my viewers stated that the reason for this could be because the font used was the same as the front cover, thus showed continuity through out my project. Also many said it stopped the contents page from coming across as cheap, and “tacky”. once again the colours used are in the same harmony, of blue, green and black for the description of each page. The reason i chose these colours were mostly because they stood out on the background of pink and were easy on the eyes. i used my literature skills to create a few puns in the description of the pages,such as “worn enemies” this left my target audience slightly amused as it was based around fashion so it captured their imagination.

My product Viyella Moir compared to other magazines which i was working towards such as “Elle” and “Vogue” which are fashion magazines also it does consist of similar ingredients. such as the model face is very clear is all the issues they have brought it out. And i particularly focused on the models face in Viyella Moir, its zoomed in and shows the soft flawless skin of the model. The masthead is in a elegant italic font, this doesn’t reflect any of the fashion magazines i chose to study, as they all had pretty regular normal fonts. However i really wished to make it rather quirky and add its own character to the magazine. It showed to be very popular with the viewers, as they said it looked very pretty on the background and molded in very well with the main picture. The heading “Harlow college- fashion week” was inspired to me because of the headings Vogue and Elle placed in their front cover, about sales in shops or fashion weeks in Milan/Paris etc, and it was portrayed in a big font that forced it to stand out. Thus the one i completed is in a large font and yellow font, the pastel colour is easy on the eye which many of the audience is their favourite part of the magazine. The people i asked were mostly all females between the ages of 16 to 19 which is perfect as the target audience is for women 16+. Having a student modeling for the front cover will help its marketing as the target audience would be able to relate to the magazine thus be more likely to purchase it. I was inspired by Cosmopolitans ways of making the articles seem appealing with puns and similar to “Cosmopolitan” advertising sales and amazing bargains, i included similar headings, such as “200 best high street buys” , once again reflecting the genre of fashion, which relates to the magazine and shows how it mirrors with existing media products. The techniques i have learnt from technology whilst attending to this product is mostly on photoshop, i relentlessly practiced on different items, and slowly learnt how to control the style and after many many difficult days of learning how to apply changes and alter effects, i was in control. working on my own helped me with this as i felt independent practice is what helps u gain prospective whilst on photo shop.

Modelling pictures

magazine cover and contents analysis

Analysis of front covers and contents pages