magazine cover drafts

cover mag prototypeviyella moir bluecover mag prototype


SMART targets – ( final creative idea)

  • Specific-( an idea brief that follows assignment brief) my well defined target for my final creative idea of the preliminary task, was to research magazines and the different types that are similar to what i wish to include within mine. i had a clear cut initial idea of what i wished to put into the contents of my magazine, however the front cover, and the layout and structure was something i had to search on the internet. Also, being a colossal fashion and music magazine fan, i had plenty of influential ideas at home. i presented my idea to the class on the 2/9/09
  • Measurable– the goal i had set for my self i have already obtained, i knew that i had concluded the ideas and plans, because comparing my ideas to a normal fashion/music magazine it met all the criteria features that was needed to make a school  magazine of a solid quality. this goal was achieved on the 2/9/09
  • Agreed upon – there are no parties to agree with, as i am working alone, however i was able to gain the views put forward by my peers.
  • Realistic- suffieicent knowledeg9 addewuate resources